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Friday Fun IV

It’s time for my {every other} Friday fun! I am hoping I have something to say more than once every other week as I move into the New Year, but for now, this works. Boston Training. It’s heeeere! As of … Continue reading

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A Big Favor

We interrupt this regularly schedule NYCM celebrating and reflecting to ask you all for a HUGE, VERY BIG favor. You all remember my friend, Char, right? The one who got me into triathlons, helped me heal my broken shoulder (as … Continue reading

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Track Love

I remember a time in my training cycles that I would literally countdown the number of speed workouts I had left until my goal race. While I loved tempos, I never really embraced track workouts. I dreaded the heavy breathing, … Continue reading

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USAT Nationals Race Recap

I love to race. Every time I think about how triathlon training can get tedious and feels like it takes up so much time, I remind myself how much fun it is to race. And to end the season with … Continue reading

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USAT Nationals Tracking & Goals

Last year when I received the email that I qualified for USAT Nationals, I was honored, but I eventually deleted it without too much thought. When it was announced that the venue was changed from Burlington, VT to Milwaukee, WI, … Continue reading

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What Now?

Like most runners, I rarely finish a training cycle, without some idea of what the next “big thing” will be. The only way I have found to beat post-race depression is to jump right into something new…even if that “something … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

Thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments and support from my race recap. No one truly understands how disappointing this sport can be and how much passion we have for it, except other runners. As more time has … Continue reading

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