USAT Nationals Week 3: Progress!

9 weeks until USAT Nationals

This was a solid week! Not only did I finally get 3 swim, bike and run workouts for the first time this cycle, I also found some pep back in my step.


  • Plan: Tempo w/2M @ “feel” 50 min Easy Run
  • Actual: 5.8M @ 8:38 avg.

Despite getting 10 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling awful. My stomach was upset and I just felt blech. I waited a few hours and finally headed out for my run around 11:15 when I was feeling a little better. Running midday in June in Houston is generally a bad idea. I knew it was going to be rough so I scrapped the tempo and focused on getting easy miles. I carried water and took several walk breaks in shaded areas. It wasn’t pretty, but I was really happy to finish it.

That evening I flew from Houston to Virginia Beach and because of storms, I got stuck in DC until 11 p.m. I didn’t finally get to my hotel until 1:30 a.m.


  • Plan: 2150 Swim1:15 Ride w/4×3′ @ VO2 Max
  • Actual: 20.25M Bike @ 16.6 mph (1:13) w/intervals: 18.6, 19.5, 19.7, 19.3, 19.8, 19.9 mph

Because of the late night and how I felt the day before, I skipped the planned morning swim and slept in. I rode after work in a new-to-me area in Virginia Beach. {PSA: Do not trust a non-cyclist when they tell you that a bike path “goes forever” and is “definitely at least 8 miles” or you might end up on a less than 2 mile bike path.} Instead of riding back and forth, I explored the nearby neighborhood streets and found a perfect loop to do my intervals. I did 6 instead of 4 because I forgot to check how many I was supposed to do and 6 seemed reasonable. I felt strong and was happy with how it went, but I would like to be able keep the pace much close to goal race pace (22 mph) as I get more fit.


  • Plan: 50 min Easy Run Tempo w/2M @ “feel” + 2150 Swim
  • Actual: 5.8M @ 8:04 w/tempo: 7:30, 7:14 +  2150 Swim (Main set: 7×100 w/5″ RI, 6×75 sprint)

I ran before work which was less than 12 hours after finishing the bike workout from the night before. My legs were definitely feeling it and the tempo miles felt hard, especially the first one. It wasn’t pretty, but I was happy to finish with something close to my normal tempo pace. The cool down miles felt so much easier and were at a faster pace with the same effort than all of the miles I have run since Bayshore. It was like the tempo effort brought some life back into my legs.

Swam after work. The swims still feel like slogs. I need to invest much more time in the pool before things will start to come around.


  • Plan: 1:05 Ride w/6×1′ Sprint + 2100 Swim 
  • Actual: 19.25M @ 17.4 mph (1:06) w/sprints: 19.2, 18.7, 19.8, 20.4, 18.8, 22.1, 21.1, 21.2 mph + 2100 m Swim (main set: 5×200, 4×25 sprint)

I rode in the morning before work along the bike lane that starts very close to where my new house will be. I am very excited to have such a great, safe route with good road surface so close to my house for weekday rides. I felt much stronger in the sprints than on Tuesday’s ride.

I didn’t leave the office until after 6 and the last thing I really wanted to do was swim, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. Once I got in the pool, it went by really fast and I was done before I knew it. I still felt like I was dying by the end of every 200.


  • Plan: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

Rest days during triathlon training are glorious. I slept in and took my sweet time getting ready and packing up my bags before heading to the office. Unfortunately my flight that evening was cancelled and I ended up spending yet another night in Virginia instead of going home to Chicago.


  • Plan: 1:20 – 1:30 Run
  • Actual: 11M @ 7:58 avg.

When my flight was cancelled, I was rebooked on a 7:15 flight for Saturday morning. Luckily, good old Chicago came through with some cooler temps and starting the run at almost 10 a.m. wasn’t too bad. Right as I got to the inner path, I saw Jenny and we ended up running 6 miles together. Running 7:50’s is definitely on the slow end for Jenny, but it was good for me to pick up the pace a little after so many slower runs the last 3 weeks. We chatted away and the miles flew by! Running a little faster actually felt really good and I tried to keep the pace there even after we split so she could head home.

The rest of the day was spent brunching, drinking and watching the Blackhawks. It was a super fun day!



  • Plan: Brick: 1:15 Ride + 30 min Run + 1800 Swim
  • Actual: 21.5M Bike @ 17.2 mph + 3.6M Run @ 8:21 avg. + 1800 yard Swim (main set: 1200 straight)

Despite Saturday’s shenanigans, I actually woke up Sunday feeling pretty darn good. I got my bike all ready to go and right as I was heading out, it started sprinkling. I checked the weather and a huge storm was coming. I went back inside and a few minutes later it POURED. After the rain passed, I rode up north to Evanston. It was calm for a Sunday morning, but still reminded me why I don’t love riding my bike in Chicago. I ran an easy 30 after the ride and my legs felt like trash, but somehow the pace was much faster than it felt (like always on a brick!).

The absolute LAST thing I wanted to do that evening was swim, but I really, really wanted to get 3 swims for the first time in a week. Surprisingly, this was the best swim yet. Maybe because I was so relaxed, but I felt smooth and the 1200 straight flew by. Nice confidence booster!


  • Swim: 5900  meters 
  • Bike: 61 miles (all outside!)
  • Run: 27 miles
  • Time: 9 hours 5 min.
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USAT Nationals Week 2: Boston & Houston

10 weeks until USAT Nationals

The first half of the week I was in Boston for a business trip, then I headed down to Houston for a family weekend. The time in Boston was filled with late nights and early mornings and my body was definitely not loving the lack of sleep. By the time the weekend came around, I was dragging a bit, even with several skipped workouts throughout the week. I ended the week with only one swim which is disappointing but I guess I can only do better next week.


  • Plan: 1:15 Ride + 2325 Swim
  • Actual: 20.15 Bike @ 16.9 mph (1:11) + 2350 m Swim (main set: 8×100 w/5″ rest + 7×75 sprint)

My flight left from Virginia Beach at 11:30, so I took advantage of the extra time in the morning by riding outside and getting in a swim. The early morning, flat ride felt much better than the rolling hills and heat from the day before. I wasn’t sure how a back-to-back workout would feel…it was the first one in a long time. But the swim was pretty decent. I finished the morning feeling really accomplished and strong.


  • Plan: 1:00 Run + 2300 Swim 1:05 Ride w/8×1′ hills
  • Actual: 16M @ 16 mph (1:00) w8x1′ “hills”

It was cold and raining in Boston and I didn’t have anything to run in but a tank top, so I pushed the planned run to the next day and rode on the recumbent bike in the gym instead. Netflix and alternating “hills” made the time go by pretty quickly.

I had scoped out some pool options, but we didn’t have a break between our work meetings and dinner so I had to scrap the planned swim.


  • Plan: 1:05 Ride w/8×1′ hills 45 min – 1:00 Easy Run
  • Actual: 6M @ ~8:25 

This was the run from Tueaday. It was still a little cool in Boston (high 40’s), but at least the sun was shining. Instead of risking being cold in a tank top, I ended up running in a cotton t-shirt. First time I have done that in a LONG time, but it actually wasn’t that bad! Of course, I wasn’t that sweaty since it was a cool day. Running around Boston was fun and there were tons of runners out for National Running Day.

Boston views (same as my run but taken later during the tour)

The afternoon was for team building and we explored Boston on Segways before hitting the Red Sox game!


  • Plan: 2:00 ride 
  • Actual: 27.5M bike @ 16.5 mph (1:40)

I knew I wouldn’t have access to a bike on the weekend, so I got in my long “ride” on the recumbent bike at the hotel before leaving Boston that evening. I was actually surprised with how quickly the time went by while I watched House of Cards on Netflix. This is, of course, nothing like a real long ride, but I do what I can with what I have and hope I get some training benefits out of it.


  • Plan: 45 min – 1:00 Easy Run + 2100 Swim
  • Actual: 5.5M @ 8:24 avg. 

I woke up exhausted. The lack of sleep finally caught up to me, but I didn’t have the option to sleep in because I had a morning filled with teleconferences and the day would only be getting hotter as it went on. Between the heat and my body being so tired, the run felt hard. I thought I would try to go an hour, but 45 minutes was all I could muster.

The day was super busy after the run and there was no time to try to squeeze in a swim.


  • Plan: 1:20 Run
  • Actual: 9.2M @ 8:41 avg.

I procrastinated WAY too much before heading out the door. It was 8:30 by the time I started running and I knew I better slow it way down if I wanted to survive. I got really thirsty and hot at the end, so it felt hard in the last couple of miles. But my pace was consistent (8:38 – 8:43) so I knew I had run smart, considering my lack of acclimation to the heat.

That evening was a ton of fun with my family.

Cheers to my beautiful cousins!

All the booze and blur.


  • Plan: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

A well-planned day off after a late night of partying with family. I did take a nice long walk with my parents in the evening which felt good after an otherwise lazy day.


  • Swim:  2350 meters (one swim…womp)
  • Bike: 64 miles (44 on the recumbent bike)
  • Run: 20.7 miles
  • Time: 7 hours 30 min.
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Bayshore Half Marathon: The Race that Wasn’t

I trained for 20 weeks for this race. All 20 weeks weren’t filled with hardcore workouts and mileage (I also ran a relay, a 5k, a 1M race and an 8K during that time), but a big chunk of this spring was definitely focused on a PR in Bayshore. I wanted this spring to be focused on gaining speed and thought Bayshore would be a great culmination of the training, especially since my PR (1:38:30) is over two years old.

I had some really great long runs and workouts during the cycle. I ran some of my fastest 400’s ever, felt super strong in the 6:xx’s on tempos and threw down a few 800’s at 3:13 at much less than max effort. My “easy” pace was suddenly 10-15 seconds faster and, while the long runs were shorter than in marathon training, I was cruising in the 7’s towards the end of most of them. I felt strong and fast. I even drafted a post called “Breaking Through” about 2/3 of the way through the cycle, because I felt like I had finally emerged from the plateau of the last 2 years. (I never posted because I didn’t want to jinx it…which is completely ironic.)

As I am sure anyone reading this post knows, being fit and ready definitely does NOT guarantee a great (or even good) race. But I have to admit, I Am not really that shocked. As the move and new job stress ramped up in the weeks leading in to the race, my body felt off. I chalked it up to normal taper problems when 2 miles at goal race pace felt like max effort, but deep down, I had a feeling that travel and stress were taking their toll. Still I was hopeful and honestly, I thought a PR was kind of a guarantee.

During race week, when Coach told me he thought I should be around a 1:33, averaging 7:00 – 7:10/mile, I thought he was crazy. Looking back at my workouts, I know exactly where he came up with those numbers, but I had major doubts. My gut told me it wasn’t in the cards.

Race Logistics

Brad and I made the 5+ hour drive from Chicago to Traverse City on Thursday afternoon. We didn’t arrive at our hotel until after 11, but I slept past 9, so I had plenty of “night before the night before” sleep. Race eve was relaxing and everything went smoothly. I was in bed the night before the race before 10 p.m. and slept pretty well. (In short: plenty of sleep, no stress and plenty of food/hydration).

FullSizeRender (65)

The race-eve sunset view from our weekend house. Michigan is a stunner.

I was surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world and was super excited for what race day might bring.

The Race

I hung out at the start with Jenny, Manny, CT and Kristy before warming up about 25 minutes before the start. I was SO GRATEFUL for Kristy sharing an extra layer with me during the warm-up after I checked my warm clothes. It was COLD!


Hanging on the bus in sweet sweats with Manny.

We lined up toward the front about 5 minutes before the start. With zero warning, a horn sounded and we were off, straight uphill. I ran the first (all uphill) mile in 7:43 and the second mile was almost completely (steep!) downhill in 7:10. And that was the last mile I ran at goal pace.

I hung right behind Kristy at 7:15 – 7:20 for a couple of miles. By mile 4, the same effort was 7:20+ and by mile 5, I could barely hold 7:30. I tried to stay positive and even took a Gu, hoping for a boost, but I knew that the race was gone. My legs were absolutely dead. I was toying with the idea of jogging it in and just having some fun, when I saw Jenny at mile 6.5. Unfortunately, she was having the same kind of day and was standing on the side of the road waiting for me.

The rest of the race WAS HARD. Running at what should be marathon pace, took every ounce of effort. But Jenny and I ran every step together.

FullSizeRender (64)

Free hard copy pics from the race…at least we look like we are having fun?!

We bitched and complained and laughed and took beer shots and walk breaks. It sucked, but it was a blast. If I am going to blow up in a goal-race, I certainly would prefer it be with one of my favorite people by my side.

We finished in 1:41:57, 7:46 min/mile

I don’t have much else to say about the day. It isn’t how I hoped it would turn out, but the weekend was an absolutely blast. Manny killed his half (and beat us…which we will NEVER hear the end of!). Elizabeth and Holly both got their BQ’s and Elizabeth had the breakthrough race that I knew she had in her. I am so proud of and happy for all of them.

My body felt like it had run either much further or much faster than it did. My shins were incredibly sore the next day from the steep down hill in mile 2, but other than that, I wasn’t really too sore, just stiff and tired.

How can you beat this…


Bourbon Chase Reunion!


Beach bonfires and s’mores just steps from our back door.


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USAT Nationals Week 1: Starting from Scratch

After my less than ideal performance at Bayshore, several people asked me if I would go for redemption somewhere. Jenny and I talked about picking a 10k and giving it a shot since we knew we had more in us from this spring, but I ultimately decided to switch gears altogether. I am racing USAT Nationals again this summer and I needed to get back on the bike and in the pool ASAP. I know that this is the right decision because in the small handful of easy runs since Bayshore, my body is still dragging a little. So back to triathlon training it is…

11 weeks until USAT Nationals

Here we go! Getting back on the bike and in the pool are never easy after so many months off and traveling makes it even harder. Finding a place to swim and a safe route to ride in a new place can be overwhelming, but with some research (how did we do anything before the internets?!), I squeezed in a decent first week of training.

While the volume of workouts was a little high coming off of a race, it was all at easy (or VERY easy) effort. The goal was to shake-out the cobwebs and get accustomed to two-a-days again.


  • Plan: OFF
  • Actual OFF

This was the final day in Traverse City for Memorial Day weekend. I thought I might be ready for an easy run, but when I saw Coach gave me another rest day, I was happy. My shins were still a little sore from the short steep downhill in mile 2 and I felt generally tired. We headed back to Chicago around 12:30 and made it back in time to unpack, do laundry and re-pack for a long work/family/work combo trip.


  • Plan: 45 min – 1:00 Easy Run + 1:10 Easy Ride w/9×1′ hills
  • Actual: 5.5M @ 8:30 + 1:01 ride (15M) @ 14.9 mph w/9×1′ pick-ups 

My legs actually felt surprisingly decent on the morning run. They were much looser than I expected and my body generally did not feel that fatigued at all. After the run, I quickly finished packing then was off to the airport.

I worked all afternoon, went to a work dinner, then convinced myself to go to the hotel gym and get in a super easy spin on a stationary bike at 8:30 p.m. Unfortunately the hotel only had a recumbent bike and the ride was easy enough that I didn’t even break a sweat (and I swear I normally sweat just walking through an airport with luggage!). I did do the 9×1 min as pick-ups, just to keep it interesting.


  • Plan: 2000 Swim + 45 min – 1:00 Easy Run
  • Actual: 1700 m Swim (main set: 10×100, 5′ RI)

The local pool that I found in Virginia Beach was really cheap to join, but doesn’t open until 6 a.m. I was waiting outside when it opened, but by the time I bought my day passes and registered, I only had about 30ish minutes to swim before I had to get back to get ready for work. The first swim back is always a very humbling experience. I tried to ignore the times on the clock for the 100’s…it does me no good to know how out of shape I am!


Great (and cheap) pool but the water is WAY too warm.

I thought I might be able to squeeze in an easy run after yet another work dinner, but my stomach was really upset when I got back to the hotel and I knew running would be a recipe for disaster.


  • Plan: 1:25 ride w/9×20″ sprints 
  • Actual: 18.5M ride (1:16) @ 14.8 mph + 3×45″ plank

Back on the recumbent bike in the morning before work. This time I actually broke a legit sweat and tried to keep the effort up, but somehow the pace was even slower than Tuesday night?! I did some planking after the ride, just for the heck of it.

FullSizeRender (63)

Hotel gym with a side of Netflix.

I toyed with the idea of doing the run from Wednesday between work and dinner with two (fun) co-workers. I even took running clothes with me to work so I could go to a nearby park, but I didn’t have quite enough time. Then we drank sake and wine at dinner and all ended up at the candy store instead…


  • Plan: 45 min – 1:00 Easy Run + 2100 Swim
  • Actual: 6.55M @ 8:25 avg. + 2100 swim (main set: 4×200, alternating 50 ascend/50 descend, 6×50 “sprint”)

Early morning run in Virginia Beach before work. It took a solid 2 miles for my body to wake-up, but once it did, I felt really good. I was happy to just cruise at an easy pace and let my body stay nice and loose.

I headed to the pool after work to swim before driving to Richmond. The swim felt much better than the one a few days earlier, but I just tried to ignore the times on the clock for now.


  • Plan: 1:30 Run
  • Actual: ~7M in 1:00

I spent the night in a small town just outside of Richmond and some quick research told me there was a park with paved and single-track trails about a 1/2 a mile away. Being under the tree cover in the park kept me nice and cool on a warm day, but my legs were just not having it. I did one loop on the paved path and then took the single-track around for a few more loops. It was a ton of fun to be off-road with a little climbing, but my body definitely wasn’t up for the full 90 minutes so I cut it short and headed back to the hotel.

2015-06-07 10-39-40_Rockwood Trail Map (P) (2)


Single track. (But not my picture)

After the run I headed over to meet up with Brad and his parents in Farmville, VA for a full day of furniture shopping.


  • Plan: 1:30 Ride + 10 min Transition Run + 1600 Swim
  • Actual: 22.9M ride (1:25) + 1.2M @ 8:25 avg.

Brad and I slept in, got brunch and ran a bunch of errands all day before I finally had a chance to sit down and figure out where I could ride. Thankfully Richmond’s local bike club has a ton of cue sheets on their website and I mapped a countryside route near Brad’s hotel in Short Pump (outside of Richmond). I rode out around 4:00 and it was hot, but the route was rolling and really pretty. I found myself smiling and happy to be on the bike for the majority of the ride, but my bike needs some adjustments and my riding legs are definitely out of shape. Toward the end, I was more than ready to be done. On some of the hills I felt like I was peddling and spinning away and barely moving. Definitely have some work to do.

FullSizeRender (66)

I originally planned to drive back to Virginia Beach in time to get in that 3rd swim for the week. Instead I chose to hang with Brad and the dogs in Richmond a little longer. No regrets on that one. I ended up getting to my hotel around 10 p.m. and had just enough time to re-pack all my stuff before my flight to Boston the next morning.


  • Swim:  3960 meters
  • Bike: 56 miles (33 on the recumbent bike)
  • Run: 20 miles
  • Time: 7 hours 45 min.
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Bayshore Week 20: Race Week

It was finally Race Week! It was the best timing ever because I finally was back in Chicago for the whole week. That gave me a chance decompress from work stress and have a productive week of getting things done and digging myself out of a big hole of work load. That was MUCH needed after the last 6 weeks on the road and being constantly tied up in meetings. It also meant healthy lunches and dinners at home and then relaxing with a glass of wine in the evenings. This is ideally the best way to prepare for a race.


  • Planned: Tempo run w/2M @ 7:00 – 7:10 + 3×400 @ ~1:38
  • Actual: 6.5M @ 8:08 avg. w/tempo: 7:01, 6:57 & 400’s: 1:37, 1:38, 1:39

I got up early to run before my morning meetings and it was already pretty warm, but thankfully not too windy. My legs felt dead. The tempo miles felt hard, but even as I tried to pull back (to make it easier, duh), I couldn’t reel it in. I guess that is good, but I was a little nervous about how heavy things felt. The 400’s felt better than the tempo miles though…it was good to get the turnover up.


  • Planned: 25 min Easy Run
  • Actual: 3M @ 8:16 avg.

Cold front! The first half mile felt sluggish, probably in-part because of the colder temps. I felt better as the run went on, but still not super peppy yet.


  • Planned: 25 min Easy Run
  • Actual: 3M, 8:21 avg.

It was warmer and the legs were starting to feel a little more pep.


  • Planned: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

A day off timed perfectly with one last trip to Delos and then the evening drive to Traverse City after Brad landed in the afternoon. We weren’t able to get on the road until about 4:40 so we didn’t collapse in bed in Michigan until 11:30 Eastern time.


  • Planned: 20 min shake-out + strides
  • Actual: 2.6M, including 5 x strides

Brad got up super early to golf with Molly‘s husband, but I was able to fall back asleep until 9! Since I woke up so late, I had to work all morning before squeezing in my shake-out run at noon. Our hotel was on a busy highway so I spent the entire 20 minutes running laps around the Best Buy parking lot. You do what you gotta do!

After a quick shower, I had lunch with the Chicago crew when they got in town and then we headed over to the house to meet up with everyone and hang out for a bit before going to packet pick-up.

Manny, CT, Jenny, Me, Molly, Elizabeth, Holly, Batch



  • BAYSHORE HALF MARATHON – I will write something about the race soon. It will not be a race reportSpoiler: It was NOT a PR.


  • The Plan: Relaxin’ and recovering with great friends in Traverse City
  • Actual: CHECK!

FullSizeRender (62)



  • Run: 30 miles 
  • Cross Training: 0
  • Strength x 0
  • Yoga: 0 class
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Here we go again…

Along with the big announcement that I mentioned in my weekly recap a few weeks ago, came a big life change. It is something that I have known was coming for a while now, but the timing was uncertain.

We are moving. Again.

This time to Virginia.

The acquisition at work brought an exciting new job opportunity for me, but the position requires me to be on-site in Virginia Beach almost full-time.

About a year ago, I talked about Brad taking a new job opportunity of his own. I have also mentioned him being gone, or more importantly talked about the times he was home, over the last year or so. His job completely coincidentally also happens to be in Virginia. His company is headquartered in Roanoke, but since Brad manages facilities across the whole state, he will be based in Richmond. Virginia Beach and Richmond are about 90 minutes from apart, which is definitely too far to commute, but Brad and I will be living MUCH closer than we are now between Roanoke and Chicago.

So, how do I feel about all of this?

On one hand, I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to help with the integration of the new company and all of the professional growth that it will offer. I am already learning that there is a great deal of responsibility in this the new position that is far outside of my comfort zone…new challenges and new responsibilities are tough, but fulfilling. I am also very, very ready to live something closer to a “normal” life with Brad. The 1.5 hours separation will be so much easier to manage than living 5 states away. We won’t be together every night, but at least we will always be together on the weekends and rarely away for more the 3 nights at a time. That part is, by far, the best thing about the move.

On the other hand, my heart breaks when I think of leaving Chicago. I love this city more than I can even express. I know it’s only been two years, but no place has ever felt quite like home in my adult life like Chicago has. I feel like I belong here. I have dear friends that I can’t bear to think about leaving…my heart wrenches and tears flow just writing about it. I also love, love, love my house. The renovations we did in the early days were painful, but the result is something that we are proud of. I worked from home and spent so.much.time. in this house (some days in the winter, I never left!) and never once felt cabin fever. And yes, Chicago winters are the worst, but, gosh, the summers…they can’t be beat. Worth every snowflake, sheet of ice and sub-zero day.

Starting over will be difficult. Living between two cities will also be difficult. But Brad and I will start over together and we will (finally) have each other to spend time with. I know I will have to work hard to meet new people, make new friends and find new running buddies and training partners. I am not really looking forward to that part. I have some of the best friends I could ever ask for here in Chicago. I can’t even imagine finding those special people anywhere else. (Here come the tears again.)

But I have to admit…never having to ride my bike on the Lakefront again definitely does not make me sad. And the possibility of training through the winter again seems a little exciting.

Richmond is a beautiful place. The city is charming and full of runners and cyclists and friendly people. And our new house will also be all our own (our biggest renovation yet!). Virginia Beach also seems to have an awesome outdoor community and I will be living right next to a state park and close to a ton of great running trails.

It’s not Chicago, but it will be home.

We are scheduled to close on our house in Chicago on June 19th and will be making the final trip (for now) to Virginia that same day. One month from today.

Please tell me…who do you know in Richmond? Virginia Beach? I need internet-turned-real-life friends, because they are the best (I know from experience)!

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Bayshore Week 19: Taper Town

1 week out from Race Week. Another week in Virginia Beach! REALLY thankful for the further cutback since the work days were long and stress levels were high. My legs were definitely not feeling peppy or fresh as a result of the cutback, so I am hoping that is just the typical pre-race week taper feeling.


  • Planned: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

I worked until midnight Sunday night, so I was more than happy to sleep in before I ran a workshop for 12 hours on Monday! My co-workers wanted to go on a long walk on the boardwalk after we finished to get some fresh air and burn off some pent up energy so that felt great. It also poured rain most of the day, so the timing for a rest day couldn’t have been better.


  • Planned: 2M Tempo w/2 @ 7:00-7:10
  • Actual: 6.25M @ 8:01 avg w/tempo: 7:08, 7:05

Another early morning run along the boardwalk in Virginia Beach. I regretted not getting up 15 min earlier because as I headed out the sky was getting dark and there was lightening and thunder in the distance. The storm was some of the remnants of Tropical Storm Ana that hit North Carolina just a little south of us. I was rushing to get the miles in before getting caught in the storm, but wasn’t successful. It poured and the storm blew in and then right past for almost the entire tempo portion. Go figure.


  • Planned: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

I planned to sleep in, but woke up at 6 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up and went for a nice long walk along the beach. It was nice to get some fresh air before being in a stuffy conference room all day. We also went for about a ~2 mile walk home along the boardwalk after dinner.


  • Planned: Speedwork w/3×1000 @ 4:15 (10k pace)
  • Actual: 7M @ 8:16 avg. w/1000’s: 4:12, 4:34, 4:13

If I thought I have experienced a windy run before, it was nothing compared to this. I felt like I was running and running and not moving. The 1st and 3rd interval were cruising along with the wind and yes, that middle interval was 20+ seconds slower for 1k because I was pushing as hard as I could and not moving. It was CRAZY.

FullSizeRender (60)

The sunrise was not a consolation for the wind. You can even tell a little here how angry the waves were. This ocean front section is usually super calm.


  • Planned: OFF
  • Actual: 1:00 Hot Vinyasa Yoga

Travel day. Finally back to Chicago. I went to my very last class at my yoga studio, as they announced this week they were closing down after Sunday’s classes. Sadz.


  • Planned: 1:10 Run
  • Actual: 9M @ 7:52 avg.

My legs felt super peppy and fresh to start so I was cruising at a faster than normal pace, but by the last 2-3 miles, my legs were tired and more than ready to be done. I napped that afternoon like I had run 15+miles!

The nap was good prep for a very special birthday celebration that evening. We had sushi and drinks for my dear friend, Chanthana’s birthday.

FullSizeRender (61)

So many laughs. So much love.


  • Planned: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

A much needed rest day to get some productive things done around the house. I also got to meet up with Amanda (who was in town for the Chicago Spring 1/2 Marathon) in the afternoon for a walk around Lincoln Park and a long chat on a bench in the zoo. It was great to catch up and the weather cooperated perfectly!


  • Run: 22.1 miles 
  • Cross Training: 0
  • Strength x 0
  • Yoga: 1 class
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